Who we are

We are a boutique label with a publishing arm, that represents our in house portfolio of artists and singer songwriters. Our catalogue is targeted towards dark and edgy productions. Musically we work within the genres of Electronica and Singer Songwriter, although we stretch into the realms of Industrial, Rock, Metal and Golden Era Hip Hop.


We own the rights to all of our songs and music. Everything we make is fully affiliated with the PRS and MCPS.


What we do

We aim to simplify the acquisition process of commercial syncs for Music Supervisors, Independent Film Makers, TV Production and Content Creators. We provide a one-stop-shop, for matching and purchasing your syncs.


We are constantly writing and our artists are dedicated to co-operating with productions to create syncs to brief. So, if you are a film maker and you like our sound, we can contribute to your soundtrack with music we already have or bespoke compositions to your requirements.